Harnessing the power of ADD through OCD

I think ADD has a bad wrap. I believe through self control, ADD is a virtue, especially with OCD. ESPECIALLY. You can go wide and deep easily. Your ADD brain is a hyper-threaded system swapping between compartmentalized thoughts rapidly. Focus deeply on those buckets for the given time slices to control thrash, becoming incredibly productive. I thank OCD systemization for that (almost) daily productivity.

Human Deus is starting to peak out? That'd be cool. Take that technology. That or a reality distortion field is taking hold. Either way, I love the productivity and the sheer amount of crap I can plow through when focus is achieved. Sometimes though, that ADD does creep back in. What a jerk.

Here is a device I use to ensure my short attention span doesn't wander. A reminder. Duh, right? Seems to help: 



And this is Señor Palabras. He'll mess you up in Spellfast. Watch it!

Señor Palabras.png

-Mr Doom