GDC 2018, Buffet & Graham LLC

It’s so interesting to understand how intertwined Warren Buffet and Kathrine Graham really were. The incredible insight to each of their characters from their biographies have been splendid. It was inspiring, dissapointing, and ultimately heart warming to know more about them. 100% done with Graham’s Personal History and 60% through Buffet’s Snowball. Such similar yet different foils it seems. It would have been fun to chat with them about things and more importantly stuff.

So being a chatterbox at GDC gives some great viewing spikes with some longer term incremental increases (yeah go go 80’s biz talk!). Shot up 610% in a 1 day spike and up some odd % (didn’t dig too much deeper, PM friends), but the graph seems to indicate people still like what they see. Cool! Hope they stick around and play Spellfast! It'll bring the inner sesquipedalian in you. Promise. But back to the numbers! Check 'em out:


Michael Doomdata