In Wyld Stallyns travel through time, alongside Bill & Ted, the most excellent duo, fixing the past to save the future. Coming soon to a mobile device near you!

Whoa! San Dimas 2688 is in ruins...Heinous evil robots. Mysterious mastermind dude. Non-excellent future. Bogus!

Use your phone to travel through the Circuits of Time alongside Bill and Ted and uncover the identity of the mysterious evil mastermind dude who is using an army of robots disguised as historical figures to change history and rule the world. Battle robots and their henchmen in this turn based Action-RPG mobile game filled with the most triumphant friends from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey like Mrs of Arc, Neapolitan and Death! Only you can help restore the most excellent timeline, dude!

  • Play as a fellow rock and roller, unintentional historian, and amazing time traveler. 
  • Immerse yourself in a most excellent role-playing experience with characters from the Bill and Ted universe.
  • Adventure through different times and places in history.
  • Become a more powerful Stallyn and unleash a barrage of resplendent spells and attacks.
  • Fight in single player mode or team up with your most excellent friends.
  • 69 dudes!